IHA 2018 Conference

International Hyperbarics Association cordially invites you to attend a two-day CME conference to discuss the role of hyperbaric therapy in functional medicine. The conference will provide the attendees with great opportunities to adopt unique treatment techniques and learn about the new developments taking place in the medical specialty of hyperbaric therapy. We welcome you to attend this conference and request for your active participation to embrace the various treatment options and cutting-edge medical research taking place in the field of hyperbaric therapy.

The Association is excited to announce that Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Paul Anderson will be gracing the conference as keynote speakers to discuss on hyperbaric therapy in clinical practice. Dr. David Dornfeld, Dr. Dan Rossignol, Dr. Arun Muckerjee, and many other eminent physicians will also be delivering lecture on a wide variety of topics at this two day CME conference.



Daniel Amen, MD
FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH, 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Dr. Daniel Amen will be be speaking on “Memory Rescue“ Followed by private reception & tour of Amen Clinic

Dr. Amen is a double board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and ten-times New York Times bestselling author. He is the Founder of Amen Clinics, which have the world’s largest database of functional brain scans relating to behavior -- totaling more than 140,000 scans on patients from 120 countries.

Dr. Amen has written and hosted 12 national public television programs about brain health, and is the author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; The Daniel Plan (with Rick Warren and Mark Hyman); Healing ADD; The Brain Warrior’s Way (with Tana Amen); and Memory Rescue.

Paul Anderson, ND

Tumor Biology & Hyperbaric Oxygen: Differential Effects in Tumor vs Normal Tissues

Dr. Anderson is co-founder of Advanced Applications in Medical Practice and curriculum director. He brings over 40 years of experience in medicine and 25 in the specialty of naturopathic medicine. He is a well-known CME speaker, medical researcher and author. He operates an advanced integrative medicine clinic in Seattle, focusing on advanced chronic illness and cancer. He writes and records continuing education materials through ConsultDrA.com for naturopathic and integrative practitioners.



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All Attendees will receive

  • Conference Material
  • Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch
  • Reception at Amen Clinic on Friday after Dr. Amen’s Keynote
  • Tour of Amen Clinic

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